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The picture above is the gallery page of The DEFINITIVE Guide to Marx Trains, 6" Tin and Joy Line shown in 1/3 of its actual size. In the guide each little picture is a button-link to a page showing that item in or near actual size with value, description, relative scarcity, and other details.

Click this link to see the Automobile/Truck Flatcar Load page in 1/6 size.
Click this link to see the Boxcar page (from the car type menu) in 1/4 size.
Click this link to see the Joy Line menu and Overview page in 1/2 size.
To see a sample page of the disk click here.
These are just four of the 529 pages on this disk.

The Definitive Guide to Marx® Trains

The DEFINITIVE Price and Rarity Guide for Marx 6-Inch Tin and Joy Line Trains
Joy Line & Six-Inch Tin - Version No. 1.0 (10-2005)

by Walt Hiteshew
Edited by Fred Pauling