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Toy and Train Publishing Co.
5518 Willys Ave.
Halethorpe, MD, USA


The mission of the Toy and Train Publishing Co. is to produce toy and toy train related price guides and videos on compact disk (CD) and digital video disk (DVD). Our emphasis is on documenting accurate information about legitimate variations and producing complete guides without omissions. Too many "basement specials" have shown up in other train and toy guides making the other information included less than trustworthy. At Toy and Train Publishing we are not afraid to say "we don't know" and we will not make definitive claims that cannot be documented, either with reliable paperwork or acceptable untampered examples. We believe it is better to acknowledge what you don't know than to "know what ain't so".

At Toy and Train Publishing Co. we rely on serious collectors to help with the documentation and presentation of related information. We are always looking to upgrade our publications in both content and accuracy. Should you find an error in any of our products we would appreciate your input. If you have an item that belongs in one of our products but is not there, please let us know by using the email link below.

It is our intent at Toy and Train Publishing Co. to document some of the "lesser" collectibles that have been ignored by the larger publishing companies. If you are a serious collector of a brand or type of toy or train that has not been well documented and are interested in working with us on a publication please contact us at the email link below.

Our warm thanks go to those who have worked with us in the past and our kind regards to those who will work with us in the future.

Email me info@toyandtrainguides.com.