On this page you can see several stills from the Marx Trains movie. The movie is a professional production having been remastered at Turner Studios as .VOB file extensions. As a result, the video files are not readily accessed for capturing stills. These shots are from a TV screen while the video was paused, and as a result, are not very clear. The movie (on DVD) looks better on a 36" HD television than the VHS video did on a conventional television.

intro (29K)

Introduction Screen

popeye (25K)

Popeye Handcar Box

early6 (25K)

Early Six-Inch Tin

acc (20K)


cv (28K)

Commodore Vanderbilt Sets

chromecv (23K)

Chrome Commodore Vanderbilts

897 (24K)

Lithographed 897 Engine

mil (20K)

Military Sets

m10000 (14K)

M10000 Sets

dumps (28K)

Dump Units